L-Arginine Supplementation

Supplementation is purpose to provide enough nutrition you cannot get it from food you eat. There is a time when you need more nutrition than before such as when you sick or after treatment. Supplementation will help your body to get back to your right track. When you need to improve your blood flow, you need supplementation of l-arginine an amino acid that triggers nitric oxide cellular production inside your body. Nitric oxide will relax blood vessel and widening to allow blood flow better.

Nitric oxide is has been proven to regulate blood pressure because when blood vessel relax the pressure will reduce. It is very suitable for high blood pressure treatment. When blood pressure increase, heart will pump faster that may cause several cardiovascular problem such as chest pain, stroke, and heart attack. That’s why nitric oxide will also helpful to prevent heart attack, stroke, and treatment of chest pain (angina pectoris).


Higher blood flow is also very helpful for sexuality because it will stimulate sexual urge. For women, it will increase sensitivity of vagina and clitoris to achieve orgasm. For men, more blood flow on the penis will stimulate enlargement to maximum level. Men will have full and long erection.

Arginine supplementation can be use for many purposes, but it is recommended for adult only because children have enough amino acid in their body. In addition, it is important to take supplement that not only contain l-arginine but also l-citrulline. The combination of those two will make nitric oxide work for 24 hours, while arginine only works for three hours.